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The countryside


There are 8 acres of land where vines are predominantly cultivated. The vineyard produces a 13% Alc./Vol. red wine which is characterized by the typical organoleptic properties of Etna grapevines: warm, strong and rich, it blends the flavour and personality of Nerello Mascalese vines and the features of volcanic fields.

Other trees are grown in the land, producing a variety of fruits: apples, pears, plums, cherries, kiwi fruit, olives and chestnuts.The biological products (olive oil, wine and fruit) can be tasted by guests who will surely appreciate their quality and goodness. The place is an ideal vacation spot for anyone who wishes to escape from the frenzy of cities, spending a healthy holiday and relaxing in the fresh countryside air, only surrounded by bucolic settings and panoramic views.  

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